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The Illinois Mental Health Task Force Virtual Summit Session 1—The 21st Century Crisis System: Strategies for Mental Health and Law Enforcement Collaboration to Prevent Justice Involvement By Matthew R. Davison Mental Health Law, October 2020 On September 29, 2020, the National Judicial Task Force to Examine State Courts’ Response to Mental Illness and the State Justice Institute hosted the first of five virtual sessions to support the Illinois Supreme Court’s ongoing efforts aimed at coordinating solutions for our community members living with mental illness.
Recognizing and respecting the limitations of emergency medications By Sarah Berkowitz & Matthew R. Davison Mental Health Law, December 2018 An adult recipient of mental health services in Illinois has the right to refuse medication, and, with the exception of two circumstances, the refusal must be honored.
Limiting the general: How practitioners can (and should) use the ejusdem generis rule of construction in everyday practice By Matthew R. Davison Civil Practice and Procedure, December 2017 Across the legal spectrum, the rule of ejusdem generis remains an eloquent and aged technique for articulating rational limitations on ostensibly general phrasing.
The case for agreed outpatient in Illinois By Matthew R. Davison Mental Health Law, September 2017 The number of Illinois agreed outpatient orders are few and far between, but this is changing.
McWilliams v. Dunn: An unseemly maneuver or a necessary compromise? By Matthew R. Davison Mental Health Law, September 2017 Of all the cases from the Court’s recent October term, McWilliams carried significant implications for the capital bar, as well as for those practitioners representing clients with mental illness.
A final court’s not-so-final words By Matthew R. Davison Mental Health Law, June 2017 Practitioners must remember to consider other resources and authority outside of applicable case law or risk overlooking critical developments stemming from both decisions.
A resolution for 2017: Giving serious consideration to outpatient treatment By Matthew R. Davison Mental Health Law, February 2017 This article highlights the new Cook County Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program and is meant to spur further contemplation and dialogue among those providers not participating in the program about how outpatient treatment demands serious consideration now, more than ever.

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