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Employer’s due process rights were not violated by admission of treating physician’s medical opinions pursuant to Section 16 of the Act By Catherine Krenz Doan Workers’ Compensation Law, February 2015 In RG Construction Services v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, the issue before the appellate court was whether Employer was denied its due process right to cross-examine witnesses or present rebuttal evidence of the opinions of Claimant’s treating physicians that were contained in the medical records.
Pipe-fitter fits the role of a traveling employee By Catherine Krenz Doan Workers’ Compensation Law, January 2013 A summary of Venture-Newberg Perini Stone and Webster v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.
2011 year in review—A summary of appellate case law By Cameron B. Clark & Catherine Krenz Doan Workers’ Compensation Law, January 2012 A brief summary of the past year's issues and holdings of the appellate court in 30 court opinions.
New limitation applied to recovery of medical payments under Section 8(a) By Arnold G. Rubin & Catherine Krenz Doan Workers’ Compensation Law, June 2011 Tower Automotive v. Illinois Workers Compensation Commission is an extremely significant case, and will have a significant impact on those claims for medical benefits prior to February 1, 2006, the effective date of the amendment to Section 8(a) in 2005. 820 ILCS 305/8(a).

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