Articles From Roger W. Eichmeier

Reflections on 50 years of practice By Hon. Roger W. Eichmeier Bench and Bar, June 2007 The commencement of the 50th year from graduation from law school, obtaining your first job, and being admitted to the bar bring reflection on your career and the changes over that time.
Collegiality creates civility By Roger W. Eichmeier Civil Practice and Procedure, August 2000 Beginning in the mid 1990's a Code of Courtroom Civility was proposed for the purpose of making lawyers engaged in litigation more courteous and respectful toward one another.
Brogan v. Mitchell International, Inc. By Roger W. Eichmeier Civil Practice and Procedure, June 1999 The supreme court in the case of Brogan v. Mitchell International, Inc., 181 Ill.2d 178, 692 N.E.2d 276, held that no cause of action exists for emotional harm from negligent misrepresentation by an employer to an employee in the hiring process.

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