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Garrett revisited By Thorpe Facer Trusts and Estates, April 2002 In Re Estate of Pearl Garrett, No. 3-01-0066, (2001 Ill. App. Lexis 748), decided by the Third District on September 21, 2001, and briefly summarized in a previous newsletter, is interesting enough to examine in more detail.
Powers of attorney in light of the Fort Dearborn case By Thorpe Facer Trusts and Estates, February 2001 Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company v. Holcomb, No. 1-99-3627 (2000 WL 1218507), decided by the First District on August 28, 2000, gives us some interesting facts, a few pointers on using the statutory short form power of attorney for property, and a reminder of the steps we must take with every client to ensure proper planning.
Trustee powers By Thorpe Facer Trusts and Estates, May 2000 Many of our clients have accounts with Merrill Lynch. When creating revocable living trusts for these clients, be aware that Merrill Lynch can require specific language be included with respect to a trustee's power.
Package pricing for estate planners By Thorpe Facer Trusts and Estates, September 1999 All of us want a profile practice that provides professional service to clients. We also want time with our families, vacations, the opportunity to pursue hobbies.
Beyond the legalities By Thorpe Facer Trusts and Estates, May 1999 The membership of the Trusts and Estates Section of the ISBA is the second largest of any section.

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