Articles From Anna Fridman

The law that won’t be missed By Anna Fridman Women and the Law, May 2013 The author shares her list of archaic laws from around the country.
The future is almost here? By Anna Fridman Women and the Law, December 2012 The future, at least in the sense of predicting your lifespan and your potential for developing certain diseases, might not be very far off according to leading researchers in the field of genetic testing. But how might this information be used? How might people’s behavior change with the knowledge of new information?
Taking charge By Anna Fridman Women and the Law, March 2012 It frequently appears that the male spouses tend to be more heavily involved in the estate planning process; women sometimes take the supporting role and defer to their significant others to make the “right choices.” But it is important to have the conversation about your ultimate vision and make sure that your voice is heard and captured in the estate plan. 
Emotional side of civil union law By Anna Fridman Women and the Law, November 2011 The LGBT community in Illinois is now faced with the same issues that heterosexual couples have been grappling with for centuries in one form or another—those related to making an unequivocal proclamation of one’s commitment for the rest of their lives. 

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