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Does the Illinois Open Meetings Act violate the First Amendment? By Peter Friedman & Stewart Weiss Local Government Law, December 2009 A federal appellate court has recently held that the enforcement of one of the cornerstone provisions of the Illinois Open Meetings Act (“Illinois OMA”)—that a majority of the quorum is the trigger for a meeting under the Act—is subject to a legal standard that may make it very difficult for this and similar provisions in other states to withstand constitutional scrutiny.
Good news for adult use zoning restrictions By Peter Friedman Local Government Law, March 2009 The 7th Circuit significantly advanced an already growing line of judicial authority and common sense that rejects the notion that each and every government zoning authority must provide space within its borders for adult uses.
Second District limits municipal authority to Recoup Lost Sales Tax Revenue By Peter Friedman Local Government Law, September 2006 In a little-noticed opinion, the Second District significantly restrained municipal authority to recoup sales tax revenue lost to other municipalities able to offer more favorable tax rates for retailers (through tax rebate agreements and/or lower sales tax rates).

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