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The Resumption of the Statutory Right to a Speedy Trial in Illinois Courts: Are you Ready for the Motion for Discharge? By Kulmeet S. Galhotra Criminal Justice, October 2021 The emergence of COVID-19 and its declaration as a global pandemic in the spring of 2020 caused an unprecedented disruption to the criminal justice system primarily due to shut-down orders and the difficulty of witnesses and jurors to comply with the requirements of appearing at courthouses in-person.
Hot topics in juvenile delinquency law By Kulmeet S. Galhotra Child Law, September 2003 Only two major juvenile delinquency bills passed both houses of the 92nd general assembly and were signed into law.
Delinquency case law update By Kulmeet S. Galhotra Child Law, May 2002 In re R.A.B, 197 Ill. 2d 358, 757 N.E. 2d 887, 259 Ill. Dec. 24 (2001), a case concerning the fundamental right to trial by jury, was issued on September 20, 2001.
Juvenile delinquency case law and legislative update By Kulmeet S. Galhotra Child Law, January 2002 Can you sentence a sixteen-year-old to DCFS custody in a delinquency case?
Major court decisions By Kulmeet S. Galhotra Child Law, June 2001 In an unanimous opinion released in May of this year, the Illinois Supreme delivered the latest pronouncement on the topic of environment injurious in the case of In re N.B., 191 Ill.2d 388, 730 N.E.2d 1086, 246 Ill.Dec. 621 (2000).
Major court decisions By Kulmeet S. Galhotra Child Law, March 2001 The biggest juvenile delinquency case to come down in the recent past is a case that is also helpful to criminal defense lawyers.

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