Articles From Tony Garvy

Personal goodwill: Can we limit the subjectivity? By James Arogeti, Tony Garvy, & Justin Pelock Family Law, April 2018 Because goodwill is a catch-all asset, the authors opine that identifiable intangible assets can be identified, valued, and classified as personal or enterprise assets.
Valuation sanity revisited By Tony Garvy & James Arogeti Trusts and Estates, April 2015 What does the Ninth Circuit’s reversal of the U.S. Tax Court in Estate of Natale B. Giustina portend for valuations of minority interests?
Oldie but goodie and other wisdoms in valuations By Tony Garvy & James Arogeti Family Law, September 2014 The latest Illinois valuation case, In re Marriage of Hanusin, brings clarity and logic to some discrete valuation issues.
Appraisal opportunities and challenges in down markets By Tony Garvy Trusts and Estates, April 2009 By understanding the approach of appraisers to determining the value of closely held business in the current market conditions, estate planners can better service their clients during the market downturn.

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