Articles From Samantha Gibson

Key post acquisition obligations for BFPPs By Samantha Gibson Environmental Law, May 2017 A discussion of the post-acquisition obligations one must satisfy in order to get the protection of a BFPP defense.
Competing approaches for adjusting non-settling CERCLA defendants’ liability in contribution claims By Samantha Gibson Environmental Law, April 2016 This article examines the competing approaches courts apply when determining the liability of non-settling parties in CERCLA contribution claims.
Officer liability affirmed, but no retroactivity for Section 42(e) By Samantha Gibson Environmental Law, May 2015 On March 19, 2015 the Illinois Supreme Court announced its decision in People ex rel. Madigan v. J. T. Einoder, Inc., clarifying that power to obtain mandatory injunctive relief under section 42(e) of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act is not retroactive and what constitutes involvement in violating the Act sufficient to find personal liability for a corporate officer.
Absolute pollution exclusion denies coverage to Crestwood By Samantha Gibson Environmental Law, September 2013 A summary of Village of Crestwood v. Ironshore Specialty Insurance Co.

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