Articles From Jeremy Glenn

Illinois Restrictive Covenants Face a Sea Change if Bill Passes By Christopher Hennessy & Jeremy Glenn Labor and Employment Law, March 2021 A bill was introduced in the Illinois Legislature in January that, if made into law, would rewrite significant aspects of the law of restrictive covenants entered into after the effective date of its adoption, including barring some altogether.
Cities Legislate Employee Rights in Response to COVID-19 By Julie Trester & Jeremy Glenn Labor and Employment Law, June 2020 COVID-19 is leading to municipal legislation in the employment context and the impact of the crisis on employee rights could be substantial.
Reimbursement Revisited: Teleworking Costs in the Age Of COVID-19 By Christopher Hennessy & Jeremy Glenn Labor and Employment Law, May 2020 Given the unprecedented surge in teleworking, further discussion is warranted in an effort to predict how Illinois courts may interpret the Wage Payment and Collection Act when evaluating reimbursement of potential costs associated with teleworking.

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