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Presentation on the proposed amendments to the EU Data Privacy Directive By Eric Goldman Intellectual Property, September 2012 The CONSENT project is a multi-year, multi-million dollar research project, funded by the European Union, to conduct empirical research on consumer privacy issues in Europe. Ultimately, the research findings should feed into the EU's evaluation of proposed amendments to the 1995 EU Data Privacy Directive. Eric Goldman summarizes and comments on the project participants' meeting in Romania.
Recap of the Fourth Trademark Scholars Roundtable at DePaul University By Eric Goldman Intellectual Property, September 2012 The fourth Trademark scholars Roundtable discussed trademark boundaries at its DePaul University meeting: how trademark law abuts other legal doctrines such as copyright, patent, publicity, and legally unregulated areas. Summary of discussion and Eric Goldman's neo-classical economical perspective.
Tea Partiers wage war against each other over a Google Groups account—Kremer v. Tea Party Patriots By Eric Goldman Intellectual Property, June 2012 It's crucial for newly formed organizations to definitively address the ownership of trademarks and other virtual assets from day one, when everyone still loves each other. When the ownership issue comes up later, it's usually because the principals are locked in a death-match and are beyond the point of reaching sensible compromises.
Is/Isn’t Trademark Infringement—Internet search engine keyword advertising By Eric Goldman Intellectual Property, June 2006 In late March, the legality of the search engine keyword advertising industry got very murky due to two inconsistent rulings within the span of 10 days.
Gripers 1, Initial Interest Confusion 0—Lamparello v. Falwell By Eric Goldman Intellectual Property, October 2005 Following on the Ninth Circuit Bosley (No. 04-55962, 9th Cir. Apr. 4, 2005) opinion from earlier this year, gripe sites won another important victory in the Fourth Circuit.

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