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Preserving medical evidence and testimony for trial By Belle Lind Gordon Family Law, October 2006 The rules of evidence in the State of Illinois apply equally to medical malpractice cases, personal injury cases, workman’s compensation cases, and domestic relations cases.
The effect of HIPAA on discovery in divorce cases By Belle Lind Gordon Family Law, July 2005 The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) was enacted in 1996. The purpose of the Act was, in part, to protect individuals against the improper disclosure of their health care information by physicians, hospitals, ambulance services, fire department protection districts, and others.
Recognizing and protecting against conflicts of interest By Belle Lind Gordon Family Law, January 2002 Most attorneys know that they can be disqualified as an attorney for a party based upon a conflict of the interest.
Substitution of judges as a matter of right under 735 ILCS 5/2-1001 (a)(2) By Belle Lind Gordon Family Law, May 2001 If timely filed, a motion for substitution of judge is absolute. The principle underlying the absolute right to a substitution of judge is that a party should not be compelled to plead his cause before a court who is prejudiced, whether actually or only by suspicion.

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