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Illinois Medical Fee Splitting Statute amended to allow percentage billing contracts By Rick L. Hindmand Health Care Law, December 2009 On August 24, 2009, Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn approved Public Act 96-0608, which amended the fee splitting prohibitions of the Illinois Medical Practice Act and the Illinois Optometric Practice Act to allow percentage billing contracts and to provide additional detail regarding the scope of the prohibitions.
Illinois Supreme Court upholds physician restrictive covenants By Rick L. Hindmand Health Care Law, March 2007 On December 21, 2006, the Illinois Supreme Court held that restrictive covenants in the employment agreements of two physicians are enforceable and that the clinic which formerly employed the physicians was entitled to a preliminary injunction to enforce the restrictive covenants.
Workers’ compensation changes for health care providers By Rick L. Hindmand Health Care Law, September 2006 Public Act 94-0277 amended the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and the Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act to address employer concerns about escalating medical costs and employee concerns about benefit levels and liability for medical bills, as well as other issues.

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