Articles From Kevin B. Hynes

The NFR Letter- A potential property tax blessing in disguise By Kevin B. Hynes Administrative Law, October 2003 For those redeveloping contaminated properties, the daunting task of obtaining a No Further Remediation Letter ("NFR Letter") is a major barrier to bringing a property back to productive use.
Legislative update: Environmental legislation from the 93rd General Assembly By Claire A. Manning & Kevin B. Hynes Environmental Law, August 2003 While the 93rd General Assembly was plagued with perhaps the most significant budget crisis in Illinois' history, it nonetheless found time to pass several serious pieces of environmental legislation, amending the Environmental Protection Act both procedurally and substantively.
Does size matter in Illinois—The fallacy of the permit exemption By Kevin B. Hynes Environmental Law, December 2001 What, you ask, does "size matter in Illinois" mean? Well, you'll ask yourself the same question when the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency ("IEPA") tells you that your on-site disposal operation is too big and requires a permit--even though the Illinois Environmental Protection Act ("Act") allows on-site disposal without a permit.

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