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Past-due condominium assessments and the FDCPA By Nancy Hyzer Real Estate Law, February 2014 Recently the Northern District Court of Illinois issued a Memorandum Opinion in a class action suit claiming a FDCPA violation against a law firm representing a condominium association on a past-due assessment collection effort.
Condominium and homeowner association assistance By Nancy Hyzer Real Estate Law, April 2013 The Real Estate Law Section Council has considered The Condominium Ombudsperson Act (HB 1293) over the past few years and has consistently taken the position not to support the bill.
Deconstructing condominiums and reinventing communities By Nancy Hyzer Real Estate Law, May 2012 Post-2008, condominium ownership was especially hard hit by the housing market decline due to a number of factors the result of which led to abandoned foreclosed units, associations facing bankruptcy, and sellers searching for buyers and buyers looking for loans.
Tax increment financing: A public financing tool for private redevelopment By Nancy Hyzer Real Estate Law, May 2011 The first in a series of articles exploring the creation and evolution of tax increment financing utilized by municipalities and developers over the past 34 years throughout the State of Illinois.
Editor’s notes By Nancy Hyzer Real Estate Law, January 1999 This issue is mainly devoted to a case law update. The case law contributors are members of the Winnebago County Bar Association who concentrate their practices in real estate law.

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