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Ethics Corner: Tennessee ethics opinion places limits on attorney’s authority to disclose will By Edward J. Jarot Trusts and Estates, September 2014 While the Tennessee opinion is not precedent in Illinois, the opinion raises interesting questions regarding the Attorney-Client Privilege and whether the privilege can be waived by anyone other than the client.
DiMatteo case clarifies requirements for pleading a cause of action for will contest/tortious interference with testamentary expectancy By Edward J. Jarot Trusts and Estates, September 2013 The recent decision in In re Estate of Richard DiMatteo has clarified the requirements to successfully plead a cause of action for invalidating a last will and testament.
Puleo v. Topel—A testament to the protection afforded by LLCs By Edward J. Jarot, Jr. Business and Securities Law, February 2007 When advising a client about the benefits of operating his business under the protective shell of a corporation or limited liability company, many advisors tend to focus on the tax and employee benefit differences between the two business forms, without much detailed attention paid to the differences from a liability and asset protection standpoint.
Important note to real estate practitioners By Edward J. Jarot, Jr. Real Estate Law, June 1999 Real estate attorneys should be aware that recent legislation which will have a potentially dramatic impact on the relationships and responsibilities among parties to Illinois land trusts is rapidly on its way to becoming Illinois law.

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