Articles From Anisa Jordan

Does State Commit a Discovery Violation When Evidence Does Not Exist? By Anisa Jordan & Victoria Buchholz Traffic Laws and Courts, May 2021 People v. Althoff discusses whether a discovery violation occurs when the state fails to produce evidence requested by the defendant that normally would exist in the context of a DUI investigation but, for whatever reason, does not exist.
Facebook: Social Media Admissibility Rules By Anisa Jordan Criminal Justice, March 2021 In People v. Curry, the appellate court addressed whether the trial court abused its discretion in allowing messages via Facebook Messenger sent from the defendant to the victim through the parties’ respective Facebook Messenger phone applications.
Marijuana-Impaired Driving: A Discussion of the Per Se Law and Other Methods of Detection By Anisa Jordan Traffic Laws and Courts, February 2020 For law enforcement and those practicing in the field of DUI prosecution and defense, the legalization of recreational cannabis brings to the forefront the question of when is a driver too impaired by marijuana to drive.
The current state of DUI warrantless blood and urine draws By Anisa Jordan Traffic Laws and Courts, June 2018 A case-by-case, totality of the circumstances approach should be employed when blood and/or urine has been taken from a defendant without a warrant in a DUI case.

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