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Mediation is not a panacea: The Ukrainian dilemma as a case study By Jon Kingzette & Kyler Juckins Alternative Dispute Resolution, May 2014 What has been labeled a “crisis” in Ukraine is a clear example of an international conflict in which mediation can do little or nothing.
An alternative to jail: How the judicial system is assisting women at risk By Jon Kingzette Alternative Dispute Resolution, March 2014 The purpose of a Girls Court is to help prostitutes and other women at risk find comfort, come to terms with the fact that they were exploited, and try to prepare for a new life.
Should a mediator be an attorney? By Jon Kingzette Alternative Dispute Resolution, January 2014 There is nothing that bars attorneys from being mediators, and there is no law that should do such a thing.
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Happenings By Jon Kingzette Alternative Dispute Resolution, October 2013 ADR events and updates from around the country.

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