Articles From Dr. Jan Kraayvanger

Germany—Year in review By Dr. Mark C. Hilgard, Dr. Jan Kraayvanger, & Till Feldmann International and Immigration Law, June 2011 A review of how the legal landscape in Germany has changed over the past year.
Foreign judgments enforcing arbitral awards are no longer enforceable in themselves in Germany By Mark C. Hilgard & Jan Kraayvanger International and Immigration Law, May 2010 In a landmark decision last year, the German Federal Supreme Court determined that a foreign judgment confirming an arbitral award can no longer be recognized in Germany.
Arbitrability of shareholders’ disputes under German Law By Jan Kraayvanger & Mark C. Hilgard International and Immigration Law, February 2010 It has been a matter of dispute for a long time whether and under which preconditions disputes regarding the validity of shareholders’ resolutions of a German limited liability company (GmbH) are arbitrable.
New German arbitration rules meant to expedite proceedings By Mark C. Hilgard & Jan Kraayvanger International and Immigration Law, October 2009 One of the most important advantages of arbitration, when compared to litigation, is supposed to be speed. However, there is growing criticism that in recent years commercial arbitration has become too lengthy and, as a result, too expensive.

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