Articles From Hon. Mark J. Lopez

Inclusion: A generation of progress By Hon. Mark J. Lopez Diversity Leadership Council, June 2017 From this writer’s perspective, the Illinois State Bar Association has made substantial progress from even a generation ago, yet our efforts remain a work in progress.
Pioneers and prosecutor honored at the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois Gala 2015 By Hon. Mark J. Lopez, Emily N. Masalski, & Spiridoula Mavrothalasitis Diversity Leadership Council, June 2015 On May 14, 2015, the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois held its 2015 Spring Gala at Prairie Production in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.
Co-owner or creditor? That is the question when dividing a marital public pension By Hon. Mark J. Lopez Family Law, August 2014 The Circuit Court of Cook County - Domestic Relations Division recently determined in a post-decree order that members of a public pension can be ordered to execute a consent to QILDRO.

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