Articles From Dennis M. Lynch

Interstate trucking litigation—Deposing the Safety Director By Dennis M. Lynch Tort Law, February 2014 A highlight of some interesting topics of questioning for safety director depositions, with examples from recent cases.
Colella v. JMS: A good review of evidentiary issues, jury instructions and damages at trial By Dennis M. Lynch & Matthew M. Gannon Tort Law, May 2011 A look at the case of Colella v. JMS Trucking Co. of Ill., Inc., 403 Ill.App.3d 82 (1st Dist. 2010).
Recovering the value of “free” caretaking by an adult’s parents By Dennis M. Lynch Tort Law, March 2010 A tortfeasor cannot seek to shirk responsibility for caretaking services because the caretaking was provided by the adult’s parents, and not by some third party.

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