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In prescriptive easement claims the element of what constitutes exclusivity of use was recently clarified by the Illinois Supreme Court By Michael A. Mattingly Agricultural Law, December 2014 A discussion of the recent case of Nationwide Financial, LP v. Pobuda.
Packers and Stockyards Act bond claims ordered to be paid prior to resolution of Packers and Stockyards Act trust claims By Michael A. Mattingly & William J. Bolotin Agricultural Law, September 2010 With the Illinois Department of Agriculture's ruling in this year's Meadowbrook Farms Cooperative case, federal regulators should re-examine the issue of priority of payment of claims from PASA trust and PASA bond funds and clarify the priority of payment from the two funds.
Support the ISBA Resolution for Congressional Amendment to the Natural Gas Act By Michael A. Mattingly Agricultural Law, July 2009 Over the past several years many property owners throughout the state have faced an issue where energy companies under the Natural Gas Act have received certificates of public convenience issued by the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission to condemn property.

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