Articles From Laura McFarland-Taylor

The proposed changes to the Animal Welfare Act do not solve the so-called “puppy mill” problem By Laura McFarland-Taylor Animal Law, January 2013 This article serves as a counterpoint argument to the benefits of the proposed federal rule designed to address puppy mill problems expressed in “The point-and-click puppy mill problem", supra. Both articles, when read together, express the pros and cons of expanded federal regulation in this area.  
Innkeepers Lien Act and a boarder’s bankruptcy By Laura McFarland-Taylor Animal Law, January 2010 An interesting question came up on a listserv I belong to: whether or not a trustee in a boarder’s Arizona bankruptcy case could void that state’s agister’s lien in favor of the boarding barn and sell the boarder’s horses to satisfy the bankruptcy estate debts.

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