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In-house compensation—Still okay? By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, August 2011 A look at what corporate lawyers earn.
Torts at work—Some thoughts on negligent hiring By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, April 2011 Each year companies pay millions of dollars to victims harmed by their employees, based on the doctrine of vicarious liability, and more and more frequently, based on the emerging tort of negligent hiring, which is now recognized in most states.
A commentary on guns at work By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, February 2010 Today Illinois and Wisconsin are the only states that do not permit some form of carrying a concealed firearm, and each year bills are introduced in the Illinois legislature that would permit concealed carrying, but have not yet seen the light of day. But, in March 2009, more than 5,100 gun owners marched in Springfield to demand a right to carry a concealed weapon, and plan on doing it again in March 2010, and until a law is finally passed.
Summary of legislative action taken by Corporate Law Departments (“CLD”) Section Council By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, May 2009 Throughout the year the CLD Section Council will endeavor to update you on the bills we have reviewed and whether or not they became law. What follows is a summary of those the CLD Section Council has reviewed thus far, with succinct descriptions and opinions supplied by the author of this article.
Two new laws require employers to extend health benefits By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, January 2009 Recently President Bush signed Michelle’s Law, prohibiting health insurance companies from terminating coverage for dependent college students who are forced to leave school due to a medical condition or serious injury.
Help eliminate poverty housing and homelessness in Illinois, and earn pro bono credit to boot By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, January 2008 Most everyone knows about the good work done by Habitat for Humanity, but you may not know that the habitat organizations in Illinois have a need for many legal services, and many of these would be very comfortable for inside corporate attorneys to help with.
The complex world of calculating overtime By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, June 2007 In January of this year, the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Dept. of Labor announced a settlement with a private employer that is the largest settlement in their history.
The darker side of corporate compliance programs: A wolf in sheep’s clothing? By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, August 2000 The federal sentencing guidelines provide reduced sentences for corporations with effective corporate compliance programs.

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