Articles From Mary L. Milano

From the Chair By Mary L. Milano Government Lawyers, October 2011 An introduction from Committee Chair Mary Milano.
Essay: Law in a time of cholera* By Mary L. Milano Government Lawyers, December 2009 There was an incredible sense of giddiness in our office a week or two ago. In at least some quarters, one could say it was reminiscent of what most of us recall at the end of the bar exam or getting that first job offer.
How green is your government? By Mary L. Milano Government Lawyers, September 2008 It arguably began in 2000, with the establishment by then-Governor Ryan of the Green Illinois Government Coordinating Council.
The forcible transfer of Palestinians to Gaza: The case of Ajuri v. IDF Commander By Mary L. Milano International and Immigration Law, October 2002 On September 3, 2002 the Supreme Court of Israel, sitting as the High Court of Justice (the Court), issued its opinion in the cases of Ajuri (et al) v. IDF Commander (et al).

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