Articles From Robin R. Miller

The putative spouse By Robin R. Miller & Elizabeth Sietsema Family Law, March 2014 With more and more divorces involving foreign nation or cultural marriages, the putative spouse statute can be a useful tool in enhancing a client’s award of property or maintenance or both.
Is a custody judgment really “final” under Supreme Court Rule 304(b)? By Robin R. Miller & Elizabeth Sietsema Family Law, April 2012 Supreme Court Rule 922, which requires a final Custody Judgment within 18 months, conflicts directly with the so-called “absolute” right to voluntarily dismiss a lawsuit under 735 ILCS 5/2-1009.
Dissipation defined By Robin R. Miller Family Law, May 2011 The wide variety of expenditures that constitute dissipation should be an inspiration to lawyers to apply their craft. The field is broad in the range of arguments that can support a claim of dissipation under Illinois law.
Representing the Hearing-Impaired Client in Child Custody Cases By Robin R. Miller Family Law, October 2008 I recently experienced the challenge and the privilege of representing a hearing-impaired client in a child custody proceeding.

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