Articles From Charles Lee Mudd, Jr.

Top 10 tips on data security: Take two By Charles Lee Mudd, Jr. Intellectual Property, January 2017 Cybersecurity requires more than just ten tips. Start with Secure the Front Door, Restrict Public Wi-Fi Use, Firewall, Establish and Enforce Password Protocols, Use Encryption and Identification Measures, Require Employment Agreements and NDAs, Implement Appropriate Security Technology, Strategically Use Cloud Computing Services, Employ Anti-Virus and Intrusion Prevention Software, and Recognize the Limits of Any Top Ten List.
Rembrandt, AI, and 3-D printing: Has forgery been perfected? By Charles Lee Mudd, Jr. Intellectual Property, September 2016 Current computer developments foster re-evaluation of intellectual property laws, especially copyright. To promote Dutch arts and culture, ING Bank hired JWT Amsterdam advertising agency to develop a computer program to paint like Rembrandt, one of the best-known Dutch artists. The website describes the process and shows the result. How does that technology change the legal landscape?
A wary world in Web 2.0 By Charles Lee Mudd, Jr. Women and the Law, December 2008 The emergence of new technologies always seems to be accompanied by casualties or victims of the darker, more nefarious uses of such technologies.

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