Articles From Priti Nemani

Defining personhood under the Illinois Gender Violence Act: A summary of the Illinois Gender Violence Act and whether its applicability extends to entities, corporations and municipalities By Catherine D. Battista & Priti Nemani Diversity Leadership Council, June 2015 To date, no Illinois court has ruled that liability under the Act is limited to natural persons. As a result, courts are tasked to consider the statutory language of the Act and whether it may be inclusive of corporate defendants.
Holt v. Hobbs: The compelling interest standard and religious dress and grooming exemptions By Priti Nemani Diversity Leadership Council, June 2015 In a political climate where the delicate interests of religion and government continue to collide both domestically and internationally, the Holt decision renews the promise of the First Amendment by demonstrating that all Americans, even prison inmates, are entitled to the right to freely exercise religious beliefs and by reminding our courts to review challenges to this essential American freedom with a particularly careful eye.
“Defamation”: A synopsis of the Kane County Bar Association’s Diversity Committee CLE Seminar By Divya K. Sarang & Priti Nemani Diversity Leadership Council, June 2014 An overview of the Kane County Bar Association's October 2013 Ethics CLE Seminar.

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