Articles From Maggie Noe

The 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: Cause for celebration, reflection and renewal By Maggie Noe Human and Civil Rights, February 2015 The author argues that while there has been significant progress in achieving racial equality in many areas of American society, the promise of Brown for school children has not been fulfilled.
4th Amendment Rights: Citizen awarded $250,000 after false arrest and imprisonment by Missouri State Highway Patrol Officer By Maggie Noe Human and Civil Rights, October 2014 An overview of the Doe v. Crank case and jury award.
Civil liberty under fire: Can local law enforcement officials force blood tests from a drunk-driving suspect without a warrant? By Maggie Noe Human and Civil Rights, December 2013 In January 2013, the United States Supreme Court heard the case of McNeely v. Missouri, and ruled the non-consensual warrantless blood test violated the suspect’s right to be free from unreasonable search of his person.

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