Articles From Lauren N. Norris

Second Circuit’s opinion in United States v. Grimm: A limit on the statute of limitations in continuing conspiracy cases By Lauren N. Norris June 2014 The Second Circuit’s opinion in United States v. Grimm could limit the U.S. government’s ability to prosecute cases where routine payments within the limitations period, by themselves, are used to indict offenses that would otherwise be time-barred.
Focus on exclusionary conduct—Recent U.S. antitrust enforcement actions against refusals to deal with customers or suppliers By Lauren N. Norris March 2012 In re Pool Corp. and other recent actions by the United States’ antitrust enforcement agencies have placed an increased focus on conduct by companies with large market shares that forecloses rivals, or potential rivals, from the market by refusing to deal, or incentivizing customers or suppliers to stop dealing, with a rival.

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