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Emergency planning for lawyers By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, July 2018 Creating a succession plan is critical in preparing for life events that result in the closure of your law practice. 
Dissipation of assets under the 2016 IMDMA By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, August 2016 A look at the important changes regarding dissipation under the modified IMDMA.
Dividing railroad retirement benefits in divorce By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, August 2015 A look at the recent case of IRMO L. Bruce Frank and Shirley A. Frank.
How a bill becomes a law—ISBA style By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, August 2014 Ever wonder what ISBA's role is in Illinois' legislative process?
Unbundling family law By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, September 2013 Limited scope representation is sure to be with us as the practice of law continues to change. Family law practitioners need to be proactive in defining what that means for us, and for our clients, so that we can provide high quality services to our clients, regardless of the task.
The Second District gives lessons for the guardian ad litem By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, August 2012   The Second District Appellate Court recently issued its opinion in In re the Marriage of Petrik, and in so doing, provided several good rules and reminders for attorneys acting as Guardian ad Litem.  
10 best tips from a GAL perspective By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, May 2012 A list of tips of interest to GALs and attorneys representing the parties in custody, visitation and removal disputes.

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