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Board members should talk more! Open Meetings Act violation for failure to provide a sufficient public recital of the key facts of an agenda item before voting By John M. O’Driscoll Local Government Law, February 2017 What does 'public recital' mean in light of Allen v. The Clark County Park District Board of Commissioners?
New PAC non-binding opinion By John M. O’Driscoll Local Government Law, August 2014 In an interesting non–binding opinion, the Attorney-General’s Office concluded that the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau, now named “Choose Chicago,” was not subject to FOIA despite being funded by tax dollars.
Texts and e-mails sent or received during public meetings by board members using personal electronic devices are subject to FOIA By John M. O’Driscoll Local Government Law, September 2013 The first of two reviews of the recent City of Champaign v. Madigan case.
Sudden burst of FOIA binding opinions from the Public Access Counselor By John M. O’Driscoll Local Government Law, March 2012 It appears that the Public Access Counselor has focused on increasing the number of binding opinions, presumably to offer some guidance to governmental entities and the public. However, it also appears that there is a long way to go before some of the holes in the legislation are filled.

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