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Annexation agreements: How enforceable are they? By Robin L. Perry Local Government Law, March 2006 The facts in this case are straightforward. On December 15, 1997, Robert W. Gaylor, Joanna A. Gaylor, Robert E. Gaylor and Morna K. Gaylor (hereinafter “Gaylors”) entered into an Annexation Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) with the Village of Ringwood, Illinois (hereinafter “Village”) to annex a 23.75 acre parcel of land.
It’s budget time again! By Robin L. Perry Local Government Law, November 2004 In a nice, sunny, warm summer day, the golf course is filled with county board members, county administrators and elected officials, as well as village presidents and village department heads.
The new definition of zoning: Chaos (at least until tomorrow) By Robin L. Perry Local Government Law, July 2003 On April 17, 2003, the Illinois Supreme Court issued an opinion which at first seems harmless, but after a more thorough read further complicates the law of zoning. Hawthorne v. Village of Olympia Fields et al., No. 93462, 2003 WL 1889613 (Ill. Apr. 17, 2003)
“NEW BUSINESS” takes on a new meaning By Robin L. Perry Local Government Law, March 2002 A recent opinion by the Fourth District Appellate Court has created quit a stir among local government attorneys.
A shock to the system By Robin L. Perry Local Government Law, April 2001 "The General Assembly finds that timely attention in medical emergencies saves lives, and that trained use of automated external defibrillators in medical emergency response can increase the number of lives saved.
How do you define relief? By Robin L. Perry Local Government Law, February 2000 A recent decision from the Second District Appellate Court addressed the application of section 10/9-107 of the Local Governmental Tort Immunity Act ("Act") to the levy of taxes to pay judgments and settlements under the Act.

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