Articles From Steven N. Peskind

The pendulum has swung: The upside-down world of the law of maintenance in Illinois By Steven N. Peskind Family Law, December 2005 Prior to the legislature’s amendments to our maintenance statute (750 ILCS 5/504) in 1993, the policy of the legislature was to assist a financially dependent spouse primarily through the division of the assets as opposed to awards of maintenance.
Regulating non-traditional childbirth-the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act By Steven N. Peskind Family Law, January 2005 This article will explore the specific requirements of the surrogacy Act and generally will discuss the implications of the Act on public policy and the specific actors who choose surrogacy as a means to create life.
Eckert revisited: The Supreme Court’s review of Collingbourne and the Second District Appellate Court’s application of the law of removal By Steven N. Peskind Family Law, February 2003 Recently the Illinois Supreme Court granted a petition for leave to appeal filed by Soryia Collingbourne, seeking to review the reversal by the Second District Appellate Court of an order granting her leave to remove her son Tyler to the State of Massachusetts.
Survey on QILDRO By Steven N. Peskind Family Law, October 2000 On July 1, 1999, after ten years of work by the Illinois State Bar Association Family Law Section Council, HB1612 became law creating a vehicle to assign retirement benefits from State of Illinois pension plans.

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