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Divorce among professional women By Karen M. Pinkert-Lieb Women and the Law, April 2011 Not only are professional women more likely to get divorced, but the number of women paying alimony has almost doubled since the late 90s. Here are some tips to help protect yourself in the event of a divorce.
Chair’s column By Karen M. Pinkert-Lieb Family Law, April 2005 As family law practitioners, we are all painfully aware that litigant dissatisfaction is higher in a divorce than in any other type of case.
Chair’s column By Karen M. Pinkert-Lieb Family Law, January 2005 As promised in our October newsletter, one of our goals this year is to keep our section members informed of the work of our committees.
Chair’s column By Karen M. Pinkert-Lieb Family Law, October 2004 (Notice to librarians: The following issues were published in Volume 33 of this newsletter during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2004: September, No. 1; December, No. 2; March, No. 3; June, No. 4).
The Davis case: ­Another perspective By Karen M. Pinkert-Lieb Family Law, March 1999 Recently, in The Department of Public Aid ex rel. Lindy Davis v. Jesse Brewer, the Illinois Supreme Court considered whether, in order to modify a child custody judgment within two years of its entry, a court must find child endangerment by clear and convincing evidence, or whether the court need only find that there is "reason to believe" that the child's present environment may endanger him or her.

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