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Case law update By Ray Prather & Heather McPherson Trusts and Estates, December 2014 Recent cases of interest to trusts & estates practitioners.
Proposed regulations affecting the uniform basis rule as applied to charitable remainder trusts By Ray Prather Trusts and Estates, July 2014 On January 17, 2014, the IRS issued proposed regulations on uniform basis for charitable remainder trusts.
The tax effects of a civil union dissolution By Ray Prather & Padraig McCoid Federal Taxation, May 2013 While the Civil Union Act relies on the IMDMA for dissolving civil unions and dividing property; federal tax law does not account for these issues in dissolutions with same-sex parties (due to DOMA) and possibly all civil unions (due to the fact that the parties are not married). The Internal Revenue Service has not provided guidance for these issues.
Illinois marital deduction and Q-TIP election available to civil unions By Ray Prather Trusts and Estates, November 2012 The interaction between federal and state law has made it difficult for Illinois to implement its law recognizing civil unions.
A matter of right: Same-sex marriage—A look at the evolving law By Ray Prather Trusts and Estates, May 2009 While Illinois does not have a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, same-sex marriages are against the public policy of the State

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