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Civility matters By Jayne Reardon Bench and Bar, November 2017 Our democracy is complex and challenged regularly by controversies, complications. We should not allow the natural tendency to grab a headline or obtain a click, a retweet or retort, to undermine the need for thoughtful and respectful problem-solving.
Courthouse professionalism: Not just for judges and lawyers By Hon. Debra B. Walker & Jayne Reardon Bench and Bar, July 2016 The Courthouse Cross-Disciplinary Training program brings together representatives from every type of person who works in the courthouse, challenging them to consider ways they can increase their professionalism and service to those who access our judicial system.
Technology fosters diversity and inclusiveness in the legal profession By Jayne Reardon Diversity Leadership Council, June 2014 Because information is freely available, those who are creative, skilled in analyzing, and able to synthesize and apply legal principles in new ways to help clients, will be successful.
Professionalism: The spirit of the 17th Judicial Circuit By Jayne Reardon Bench and Bar, January 2013 The American Bar Association’s Committee on Professionalism awarded the 17th Judicial Circuit the prestigious Gambrell Professionalism Award at the ABA’s 2012 Annual Meeting.
Attorney mentoring—Pass it on By Jayne Reardon Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law, October 2011 In October of last year the Illinois Supreme Court adopted Supreme Court Rule 795(d)(12), which provides that lawyers completing a year-long structured mentoring program, as either mentors or mentees, may satisfy their entire professional responsibility CLE requirement.
Building diversity and inclusion through CLE and lawyer-to-lawyer mentoring By Jayne Reardon Diversity Leadership Council, June 2011 Now, thanks to the Illinois Supreme Court’s recent approval of a recommendation of the Commission on Professionalism, experienced attorneys supporting the development of new lawyers through an approved mentoring program may receive professional responsibility CLE credit under new Supreme Court Rule 795(d)(12), and activities around diversity and inclusion are a key component of the Commission’s approved mentoring plan.
Impacting the Public’s Perception of our Courts: A Professionalism Program in the Circuit Court of Cook County By Jayne Reardon Bench and Bar, March 2011 A summary of the program sponsored last spring by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.
Diversity and health of the bench and bar can be enhanced through professional responsibility CLE By Jayne Reardon Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law, June 2010 Professional responsibility CLE can be a great way to elevate our profession to a higher level.

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