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A summary of the Trusts & Estates Section’s February 2017 business meeting By Colleen L. Sahlas Trusts and Estates, June 2017 Check out what the section has been up to recently.
Avoiding liabilities when working alongside real estate agents By Colleen L. Sahlas Real Estate Law, May 2017 Working relationships between attorneys and agents in real estate can often be positive and valuable. But it’s critical to understand and address the roles between agents and attorneys, define the boundaries, and be wary of potential liabilities that could result from working alongside them.
What NOT to include in your attorney modification letters By Colleen L. Sahlas Real Estate Law, August 2016 Modification letters that haven’t been thought through or well written can result in undermining our client’s best interests.
A baker’s dozen considerations before probating small or insolvent decedents’ estates By Colleen L. Sahlas Trusts and Estates, March 2016 This article addresses those cases where probate is optional, and offers a number of factors for you to consider as you and your client determine whether or not probate is the most prudent course of action for a certain insolvent or small estate.
Become more efficient by using a probate checklist By Colleen L. Sahlas Trusts and Estates, September 2015 This checklist is designed specifically for uncontested, testate estates in Independent Administration in Cook County, Illinois. With a little tweaking, it can also be used for other counties in Illinois.
6 strategies to better represent sellers of real estate By Colleen L. Sahlas Real Estate Law, June 2014 Implement these six strategies when representing sellers of residential real estate to avoid a myriad of problems down the road.
Five reasons to collect a retainer up front in lieu of getting paid at the closing By Colleen L. Sahlas Real Estate Law, April 2011 Avoid risks and take the simple step of collecting a retainer up front.


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