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Attorney General Opinion restricts county recorders By Howard Samson Real Estate Law, June 2007 In the portion of this author’s article on land split considerations dealing with the Plat Act, which appeared in the February 2007 issue of this newsletter, it was stated that the Attorney General’s office was in the process of determining “whether the provisions of 765 ILCS 205/5a are broad enough to allow a county Recorder to require” that a Plat Act affidavit accompany every submitted deed, even one wherein the legal description was an undivided lot in an existing subdivision.
Land split considerations: The Plat Act By Howard Samson Real Estate Law, February 2007 Note: This article is an excerpt from and adaptation of a comprehensive article by Mr. Samson, in which the author addresses, in addition to the Plat Act, county and municipal plat provisions, general county and municipal zoning provisions, affirmations and disavowals, broker’s representations, inadvertent consolidation, access, and other land-split matters.
Food for thought: land law and public policy By Howard Samson Real Estate Law, June 2005 Long ago, the social philosopher and economist Henry George proposed a "Single Tax" that shifted the incidence of taxation entirely onto ground rent.
Road conveyancing after Benno By Howard Samson Real Estate Law, May 2004 The real estate attorney who rightfully considers himself a skilled practitioner is still, from time to time, heard to bemoan the intricacies of certain areas of his specialty.
Q & A: Illinois real estate transfer tax By Howard Samson Real Estate Law, May 2002 The psychic wounds have now healed and the baleful tears now dried. The passing of the "Green Sheet" into the Great Beyond, however much a shock it was, is sufficiently behind us.

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