Articles From Hon. Daniel B. Shanes

Case summaries By Hon. Richard D. Russo, Hon. Daniel B. Shanes, Steve Baker, & Richard S. Gutoff Criminal Justice, January 2009 Recent cases of interest to criminal law attorneys.
How void is void? By Daniel B. Shanes Bench and Bar, December 2005 The Appellate Court recently held that in multiple-plaintiff cases, each plaintiff enjoys one substitution-of-judge motion as a matter of right, but those plaintiffs that choose not to join in the substitution-of-judge motion later lack standing to object to that motion’s disposition.
How many plaintiffs make a party? By Daniel B. Shanes Bench and Bar, September 2005 In most lawsuits, the plaintiff and defendant are each entitled to one motion for substitution of judge as a matter of right. But how does that apply in a multiple-plaintiff civil case?

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