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The role of the Special Representative in foreclosure following ABN AMRO By Donald P. Shriver Real Estate Law, January 2011 As a result of ABN AMRO, if the foreclosure involves the estate of a deceased mortgagor, a Special Representative must be appointed for “purposes of defending the action” where no letters of office have been filed for the deceased’s estate.
Residential Foreclosure 101 By Donald P. Shriver Young Lawyers Division, December 2006 Regardless of the current state of the economy, homeowners default on their mortgage loans and lenders file routine foreclosure actions.
Willful and wanton conduct in Illinois—two categories impact contributory negligence and contribution By Donald P. Shriver Young Lawyers Division, April 2001 A red flag should fly in the mind of any attorney dealing with willful and wanton jury instructions where contributory negligence or contribution may come into play.
Landowner liability for off-premises injury—a sequel By Donald L. Shriver & Donald P. Shriver Real Estate Law, September 1999 In our previous article, we discussed the duty on landowners for injuries that occur off of the landowner's property,1 and although clear conclusions could not be drawn, several guiding factors emerged.
Landowner liability to travelers for off-property personal injury By Donald L. Shriver & Donald P. Shriver Real Estate Law, May 1999 This article presents a review of current Illinois law concerning the circumstances under which a landowner may become liable in tort for injuries to persons traveling on adjacent roadways caused by conditions or substances on the owner's property when the injury occurs off of the owner's property or when the injury is caused by an object leaving the owner's property.

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