Articles From John W. Simek

Three strikes and you’re out: Judges talk about technology in the courtroom By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek Bench and Bar, June 2006 Recently, we had the pleasure of hearing the thoughts of three tech-savvy judges about the use of technology in their courtrooms.
Spoliation of electronic evidence: This way be dragons! By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek Tort Law, December 2005 Ancient mariners navigated by maps that sometimes depicted dragons in uncharted waters, occasionally even bearing the legend: “This way be dragons.”
Law firm document retention policies By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek Corporate Law Departments, June 2004 Lawyers and their clients tend to forget that saving unnecessary documents, paper or electronic, can constitute a significant danger.
Shackled to Microsoft: What it means to the legal profession By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, April 2003 Hating Microsoft is easy. Almost everyone does. There may now be as many Microsoft and Bill Gates jokes as there are lawyer jokes.
Disgruntled employees in your law firm: The enemy within By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, December 2002 Scary, but it is all too common for disgruntled employees to strike at their employer by causing technological calamity.

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