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You ‘Won’ Your Secretary of State Hearing, Now What? By Tom Speedie Traffic Laws and Courts, August 2019 Answers to frequently asked questions about what happens after a Secretary of State hearing is "won."
Big changes to driving eligibility effective January 1, 2016 By Tom Speedie Traffic Laws and Courts, May 2016 A discussion of the legislation that took effect in January of this year.
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Cook County judge finds law precluding court supervision for “excessive speeding” unconstitutional By Tom Speedie Traffic Laws and Courts, May 2015 In his motion, the judge argued that the aggravated speeding statute is unconstitutional as violating Due Process and Equal Protection, and that preclusion of court supervision on the charge pursuant to 730 ILCS 5/5-6-1(p) violates the proportionate penalties clause of the Illinois Constitution.
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A modest proposal for changes to rules and statutes governing Secretary of State Hearings By Tom Speedie Traffic Laws and Courts, May 2011 A wish list from a former Secretary of State Hearing Officer and current solo practitioner concentrating in practice before Secretary of State.

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