Articles From Rhoda Davis Sweeney

HIPAA: National standards to protect the privacy of personal health information By Rhoda Davis Sweeney Elder Law, June 2003 Have your druggist and physicians recently requested that you sign a "Notice of Privacy Practice"?
Older tenants lose in Supreme Court—U.S. Supreme Court upholds no-fault evictions By Rhoda Davis Sweeney Elder Law, June 2002 In 1997 and 1998 The Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) initiated eviction proceedings in state court against the following tenants:
The Chicago Department on Aging: A formidable resource for senior citizens By Rhoda Davis Sweeney Elder Law, May 2001 The Chicago Department on Aging, under the direction of Mayor Richard M. Daley and Commissioner Anna Wills, offers Chicago's senior residents many services and opportunities of which lawyers serving Chicago residents sixty or older should be aware.

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