Articles From Stephanie L. Tang

A Little Bit of Everything: The Case of In re Marriage of Hamilton By Stephanie L. Tang Family Law, October 2019 A summary of the family law issues discussed by the appellate court in In re the Marriage of Hamilton.
Is cryptocurrency the new Swiss bank account? By Janice L. Boback & Stephanie L. Tang Family Law, March 2019 The basics of bitcoin trading and tips for lawyers to help protect and educate their clients.
Enforcement of prenuptial agreements following Kranzler and Woodrum By Stephanie L. Tang Family Law, December 2018 Two recent cases—In re Marriage of Woodrum and In re Marriage of Kranzler—help clarify the criteria courts will consider when determining enforceability of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.
Changes to the maintenance statute and case law in Illinois By Stephanie L. Tang Family Law, October 2017 A summary of the forthcoming changes to 750 ILCS 5/504 and a look at recent case law to provide an overview of considerations that practitioners, judges, and litigants should take into account in arguing maintenance cases moving forward.
Finding the perfect pro bono opportunity By Stephanie L. Tang Young Lawyers Division, October 2017 A brief look at the types of pro bono opportunities available.

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