Articles From Christopher M. Tietz

Using title insurance to avoid probate or ancillary administration By Christopher M. Tietz Real Estate Law, January 2009 The author provides a sample Affidavit for Title Insurance that he prepared himself, which can be very useful in both accelerating the closing of an estate and reducing the attendant costs.
Intestate transfer does not satisfy “otherwise given” for purposes of stock purchase agreement By Christopher M. Tietz & David A. Berek Trusts and Estates, September 2004 In Opiela v. Roth, decided June 17, 2004, the Illinois Supreme Court held that stock of a closely held company which was subject to a Stock Purchase Agreement (“the Agreement”) between the company and a decedent, was not given by the decedent on his death to his descendants through intestate succession, but rather remained subject to the Agreement, and accordingly the company was entitled to purchase the shares.

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