Articles From Douglas B. Warlick

ISBA ADR Section Council Member Profile: Douglas B. Warlick, JD, Mediator Collaborative Professional By Douglas B. Warlick Alternative Dispute Resolution, August 2020 A spotlight on Douglas Warlick, member of the ADR Section Council.
Attorney fees: Avoiding pitfalls to preserve the right of contribution By Douglas B. Warlick Family Law, August 2010 Warning: An attorney's bad business decisions may affect his or her ability to recover fees from the opposing party.
Practice trap: It ain’t over ‘til it’s over (Did the Supreme Court decision in Best really make a difference?) By Douglas B. Warlick Family Law, June 2009 Essentially, a party seeks a declaratory judgment to determine if certain property rights within a dissolution action will be governed by statute or be construed pursuant to a contract between the parties.

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