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Are you SURE you have a written fee agreement with your client? By Rory T. Weiler Family Law, August 2019 The recent case of In re: The Marriage of Pavlovich reminds us how important it is to be sure you not only have a written fee agreement, but that your client actually signs it.
Beware! Drafting tips for post-Jan. 1, 2019 maintenance modification orders By Rory T. Weiler Family Law, June 2019 Tips for the divorce lawyer seeking to take advantage of the new non-taxability law.
Location, location, location: All you really need to know about disgorgement of fees By Rory T. Weiler Family Law, December 2016 In light of the difference of opinion between the First and Second District, practitioners in those two districts will find that the answer to the question of whether disgorgement is available depends principally upon where the divorce case is filed.
The times they are a changin’: The new IMDMA and Parentage Acts By Rory T. Weiler Family Law, October 2015 An alert to some of the the changes to the IMDMA that are going to dramatically change the landscape of the divorce practice.

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