Articles From M. Lee Witte

Fencing and the art of forum protection By Margaret C. Benson & M. Lee Witte Family Law, June 2002 Fencing (with weapons, not merchandise) is a classic sport that requires agility, strength and quickness.
Legislative update By M. Lee Witte Family Law, June 2001 The 92nd General Assembly did family law practitioners some good and, we think, very little harm.
Parent power By M. Lee Witte & Margaret C. Benson Family Law, February 2001 While the Illinois Supreme Court was considering the application of Troxel v. Granville to our grandparents' visitation statute, a future justice of that court was using Troxel to find that a Constitutional right to court-appointed counsel exists in adoption proceedings.
Minor guardianship practice By M. Lee Witte Family Law, May 2000 It used to be simple. Parents battled for custody of their children in the Domestic Relations Division.

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