Articles From Lukas Wyss

Multi-party contract and multi-party arbitration proceedings in Switzerland: What commercial users should know By Lukas Wyss International and Immigration Law, March 2017 This article discusses the features of multi-contract and multi-party arbitration proceedings primarily under the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and gives an overview of the corresponding ICC Arbitration Rules for arbitration proceedings having their seat in Switzerland.
Judicial review of arbitral awards in Switzerland: Balancing procedural flexibility and compliance with fundamental procedural rights By Lukas Wyss International and Immigration Law, February 2017 Arbitration is widely acclaimed as an efficient way of resolving commercial disputes, in particular in international settings. Besides enhanced international enforcement, one of its key features is its flexibility, in particular its ability to adapt to the differing 
needs and expectations of parties from diverse legal backgrounds and cultures, neutrality, expertise of the decision-makers.

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